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Pre-screening your prospective employees is critical in today's world, and we make the process simple and quick. Reference checking and a personal interview is not enough to ensure you are selecting the best candidate for the job. If that has been your method for hiring, you could be missing important information that weighs heavily on whether a candidate is really suitable for the position applied for. How many times have we picked up the newspaper and been horrified by the headlines and wondered why no one knew a child molester was working in a daycare center, or a wanted criminal working at the next desk? Pre-employment screening takes the guess work out of the hiring process and ensures you know everything you need to know to make an educated hiring decision.

At Applicant Secure, we believe in a three step process of pre-screening that weighs heavily on identity verification. We verify through state records your applicant is exactly who they say they are. We verify the name, alias information, date of birth, Social Security Number and Driver License Number, and whereabouts of each applicant for the last ten years. It is through this process that information is gathered and verified in order to obtain the best possible results from the Criminal Conviction History. Many applicants with a criminal history are known to change their Social Security Numbers; adopt a new way of spelling their name; not disclose a county of residence where a criminal conviction occurred; change their date or birth or even create an entirely new persona in order to remain undetected. Identity Verification is the most powerful tool in determining the applicant has been completely honest and up front with the information they have provided to you.

1). Social Security Verification: We pull this information from leading credit reporting agencies in an effort to verify and discover more in depth information regarding your candidate. Through this process we are able to obtain a known history of names and aliases; a lengthy address history; and verify the Social Security Number you have been given is correct for employment and tax reporting purposes. Many times we will discover aliases or counties of residence that have not been disclosed on an application, and in-turn this information leads to the discovery of criminal convictions that would have otherwise been missed! Still, many times we discover a candidate has given you a wrong Social Security Number in order to avoid withholdings for liens or child support, or even to misrepresent their legal status.

2). Driver Record: Just another great tool of discovery! If an employee will be driving during their course of employment you'll need to know what this record contains. If the candidate will not drive, this information is still vital! From this source we are not only able to verify identity and date of birth, but the record of Citations and Convictions could be extremely important in the discovery of aliases; open warrants that could result in arrest; unresolved civil conflicts; undisclosed counties and states of residence, and also speaks to the level of personal responsibility the candidate has shown following the simple rules of society.

3) Criminal Conviction History: Once the identity verification process has been completed, the candidate's name is hand-searched through the various levels of Municipal and Superior Courts in the counties of residence. Industry and court standards dictate a seven year search is the safest when pre-screening applicants for employment purposes. Many applicants do not disclose conviction information on their applications, or at best, minimize their culpability. Most employment applications contain a "release" or "waiver" statement granting permission to obtain this type of information, although permission is not necessary for pulling public records. Many applicants with negative histories do not disclose their convictions due to the fact they have obtained employment over and over again without the convictions ever being an issue - since most employers do not pre-screen prospective candidates regardless of the "release" or "waiver" statement contained on the application. A conscientious employer who is concerned with protecting the employment environment, will never assume an applicant has made full disclosure and been completely honest on an application. Once you begin pre-screening, you'll be amazed at what pops up on even the most clean cut looking candidate!

While you may find less expensive ways to pre-screen your candidates, you'd better know what method of searching your screening company is using! The only sure way to pull the most accurate results from the courts is to hand-search the records. Many courts sell their microfiche records or their reel to reel tapes to large data brokers. This information is sold only when updated and can actually be up to a year or more behind! Using this method of searching will miss any and all records recorded since the last court update and will not be accurate. Many of these data brokers sell inexpensive records results and do not tell you the records are outdated. Another area of concern is the verification of identity. If you have not delved into a candidates identity, you will definately miss important public filings. Criminal records are recorded according to the identity of the subject and are keyed by exact date of birth, Social Security Number and name spellings. One digit or character off, and your results are worthless, so beware.
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